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What is Monitoring in the Workplace?

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“Employee monitoring” refers to the methods employers use to surveil their workplaces and their staff members’ whereabouts and activities Situs Nonton Movie Sub Indo. These methods include employee monitoring software, time clocks, video surveillance, GPS systems and biometric technology. Video surveillance, for example, can strengthen your business’s security and productivity. Catching a thief on camera certainly reduces shrinkage costs.

Employee tracking and monitoring systems serve other important purposes. The main goals behind them are to prevent internal theft, examine employee productivity, ensure company resources are being used appropriately, and provide evidence for any potential litigation.

One category of employee monitoring technology, time and attendance software, is often seen as an entirely separate set of tools. Time and attendance systems give your business a record of when employees work and take paid time off that is valuable not only for payment calculations, but in case a dispute over hours or vacation time ever become a lawsuit. These digital systems also provide an accurate record of when employees start and end their day, which can help you determine productivity levels.